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Clothing Line Designer: Found One Yet?

Advice on How to Start a Clothing Line From Well-Experienced Fashion Consultant Rodrick Rainey.

T-shirt Printer / T-Shirt Print Machine
T-shirt Printer / T-Shirt Print Machine

Do You Have A Clothing Designer for your line? Is It You? Is it a friend? Is it someone you hired? Who your designer is not important to a clothing line unless you have the budget to hire a well-known name. People like Diddy hire people such as Zac Posen and Max Wilson. Liz Claiborne places Kimora Lee Simmons on top of brands that need improvement. While those names draw attention and instant sales, it is not the true importance of a line. Understanding what you can and can not do with your manufacturer is the first law of producing a new clothing line without a doubt.

When starting a clothing line you should ask your T-shirt printer, overseas manufacturer, or whomever is producing your line what you can and can not do. They might not be able to print certain colors or have the materials for a desired effect you want like foil printing.

If printing, does your designer know size specifications for the print? You need to be sure you ask what is the maximum size your design can be! A bunch of distorted-image t-shrits would be the last thing you need to show up on your door step the day you officially begin your clothing line.

What is the ability of your designer? Are they a creative person or are they just throwing some text all over and calling it a design? A clothing line should consist of more than a brand name on a t-shirt. If a name or some words is all your designer can do, then its time for change.


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Are you keeping up with the concepts of your designer? Does your collection have a theme or is it just a group of designs you like? True fashion designs usually come up with themes to house their seasonal collections under. Random example: A bright yellow and white design would be out of place in most peoples' minds during the winter.

Are any of your designs infringing upon the rights of others? Yes, people do it all the time in new clothing lines today honestly. It seems most street wear brands leech and piggy back off other designers themes and ideas hoping to gain some extra thousands each season. However, be careful you know who your designer is taking their work from. You can get an easy lawsuit crossing the right people.

In review, make sure of these things with your clothing designer: Are your sure your designs are print safe or will they vary in color slightly? (sometimes samples help) — Be sure to give your designer print size specifications. — Try to control the direction your fashion designer is going — Make sure your designs are not just a blatant copy of another line because you will get put in a last-resort store quickly with that reputation.


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